Ivan Šuletić (1982), visual artist, lives and works in Belgrade.

He earned a Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts (FFA) in Belgrade in 2015, where he previously graduated (2007) and completed Specialist studies at the Painting department (2009).

His works can be found in several public and private collections, such as the Belgrade City Museum, European Patent Office Art Collection, Wiener Art Collection, Niš Art Foundation.

Šuletić is the winner of the Vladimir Veličković Foundation Award for Contemporary Drawing (2018), Award “Likovna Jesen” for Painting (2016), and the Second Prize for Painting by Niš Art Foundation (2015).

Currently works at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade as an assistant professor.



Solo exhibitions:


2020. RIMA gallery, Belgrade (RS)

2018. You Make Me Afraid of Myself, Cultural Center of Belgrade, Belgrade (RS)

2018. Gallery KC “Laza Kostić”, Sombor (RS)

2018. Cityscape, Gara Perun Gallery, Zürich (CH)

2017. Cityscape: Sequel, RIMA gallery, Kragujevac (RS)

2016. Gebäude und Pflanzen, Die Galerie in der Peterstrasse, Hamburg (DE)

2015. Dafiment calendar, Center for Graphic Arts and Visual Research, Belgrade (RS)

2015. Cityscape, gallery of Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade (RS)

2014. Triumphal Arch (with Petokraka studio), gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade (RS)

2013. Triumphal Arch, Empty Cube project, Appleton Square, Lisbon (PT)

2013. Rocks, “Aleksandar Djonovic” gallery, Arandjelovac (RS)

2011. Gallery “Juraj Klovic” (with C.Vicevic), Rijeka (HR)

2011. Ten, “Blok” gallery, Belgrade (RS)

2010. Gallery of Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade (RS)

2009. Gallery of the University library “Svetozar Marković”, Belgrade (RS)


Selected group exhibitions:


2020. 50 Years of the Gallery of Contemporary Art Niš, Niš (RS)

2019. 10 Years of the Vladimir Veličković Prize for Drawing, Heritage House Belgrade, Belgrade (RS)

2019. Next Balkan – Contemporary Serbian Art, Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia (BG)

2017. Pogled u Centar, Izbor grafika iz Zbirke Centra za grafiku i vizuelna istraživanja AKADEMIJA, Belgrade City Museum, Belgrade (RS)

2017. D. B. Mangelos Award Finals 2017, Remont gallery, Belgrade (RS)

2016. Niški salon: 20/2, gallery Srbija, Niš (RS)

2016. Biennale Likovna Jesen 2016, Gallery of Contemporary Art, City Museum, Sombor (RS)

2016. Contemporaneity and CrisisMuseum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad (RS)

2016. Monuments & Ideas ( Critics have chosen 2016 – Irina Subotić), the Art Gallery, Kulturni centar Beograda, Belgrade (RS)

2015. Contemporaneity and CrisisU10 Art Space, Belgrade (RS)

2015. 2nd Triennial of drawings and small sculpture, Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”, Belgrade (RS)

2015. Zyklus 10.0 – Contemporary Art from Middle-Europe and Danube Countries, Stift Lilienfeld (AT)

2015. Constellation, a group exhibition at Centre Culturel de Serbie, Paris (FR)

2015. D. B. Mangelos Award Finals for 2015. at Remont gallery, Belgrade (RS)

2014. Zyklus 9.0 – Contemporary Art from Middle-Europe and Danube Countries, Stift Lilienfeld (AT)

2014. D. B. Mangelos Award Finals for 2014. at Remont gallery, Belgrade (RS)

2014. Serbi.arte – Belgrade Now, a group exhibition at Kunstforum Montafon, Schruns (AT)

2013. Teaser, a group show at the Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade (RS)

2012. Gold bars, a commission for Sound and visions festival, Majdanpek (RS)

2010. Graf 1a group show at Nova Gallery, Belgrade (RS)

2009. South bridge of Orfű, a workshop and a group showPécs (HU)

2009. 22. Čukarički likovni salon, „Gallery 73“, Belgrade (RS)